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With our recently formed holding company structure, we are on the next stage of our transformation journey. Our Group is focused on generating long-term value by exploiting opportunities and efficiencies created by our new structure.

How are we structured?

Prior to establishing FBN Holdings the Group’s portfolio of businesses had rapidly developed. A revised structure was developed to provide a stronger platform to support the Group’s future growth ambitions domestically and internationally.

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What do we do?

FBN Holdings Plc is the Nigerian-based (non-operating) financial holding company for the banking and non-banking operations of the FirstBank Group. The company offers a broad range of products and services across commercial banking, investment banking, insurance and microfinance business in seven countries.

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Where are we located?

Our business groups operate largely within Nigeria with the exception of the Commercial Banking group, which spans three continents – Africa, Asia and Europe. We have an international expansion strategy, primarily for the core banking business, which guides our expansion outside Nigeria.

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How do we generate long-term value?

FBN Holdings aspires to become the dominant financial services group across middle Africa. The Group begins from a position of strength, having established itself over a 118-year history as the largest bank in Nigeria and already as the largest private sector banking group in SSA.

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What are the Board’s key responsibilities and priorities?

Our Board is responsible for building long-term shareholder value and ensuring effective management across our portfolio of businesses. It balances its role of providing oversight and strategic counsel with its responsibility to ensure that appropriate controls, systems and practices are entrenched to safeguard the assets of the Group.

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How did we perform in 2012?

With the global economy only slowly emerging from crisis, our businesses still managed decent performances, with the banking group leading the way.

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Oba Otudeko, CFR - Chairman
Our adoption of the holding company designed to enhance the contribution of the non-commercial banking businesses to the holding company’s bottom line. Oba Otudeko, CFR

Chairman’s statement

Bello Maccido - Chief Executive Officer
Shareholders of the holding company will benefit from the entire businesses in the Group and not only from a segment of Business/Group. Bello Maccido

Chief Executive Officer’s review

Financial highlights

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Total assets


2011: ₦2,860bn

Deposit liabilities


2011: ₦1,951bn

Gross earnings


2011: ₦274bn

Profit before tax


2011: ₦36bn

How are we structured?

An overview of how the Group is structured into four business groups

Group structure


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