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FBN Holdings Plc. is a legal entity incorporated in Nigeria. FBN Holdings aligns its financial services along four major business groups which include Commercial Banking services, Investment Banking and Asset Management, Insurance and Other Financial Services including Microfinance.

Our approach to citizenship includes our commitment to conducting business transparently and dependably by managing our business processes towards ensuring an inclusive positive impact on the society. This involves operating ethically and sustainably in our dealings with all stakeholders as well as empowering the communities where we operate. It is about our ability to engage with our stakeholders today in a way that allows us to competitively thrive in the future.

In order to create long-term value for our stakeholders, we ensure as part of our responsibility to involve our stakeholders' perspectives in decision making knowing that our business decisions affect them. This approach informs our citizenship priorities. Our key citizenship priorities are employee diversity and inclusion, financial inclusion, environmental sustainability and philanthropy.
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